One of the most common yet misunderstood functions of Facebook Business Manager is the ability to grant a 3rd party, such as an advertising agency or even freelancer, access to assets within a Facebook Business Manager account. There are a few “areas” that people can be added, which seems to compound the confusion. In this article, you’ll learn how to add 3rd party “partners” the safe, and effective way. 

You must already have a Facebook Business Manager Account. If you don't, you’ll want to create one by following the steps here.

First, navigate to and login using your Facebook login credentials. (Note: Facebook isn’t a fan of individuals having multiple logins, so your “personal” login is the one that you should use, and can be granted access to all the business assets that you will need rather that creating a “new” login for business)

Facebook Business Home or Meta Business Suite

Once at your Facebook Business Manager account, you’ll want to ensure you see the correct business name in the top left side drop down, especially if you have multiple business accounts. 

Once confirmed, click on “Business Setting” (the gear icon) on the bottom left corner.

Facebook Business Settings

If there is a two-factor authentication, enter it on the next screen. 

Once confirmed, you’ll be taken to the Facebook Business Manager home page where you’ll see a main menu on the left hand side. Here, you’ll want to click on “Users” and then “Partners”. In the middle, click on the blue “Add” button, and select the option to “Give a Partner Access to your Assets”. 

Meta Business Settings

Here, you will input the Partner Business ID that should have been given to you -- or you may need to ask the business partner you wish to share the Facebook Business assets with.

Facebook Business Partner

Once inputted, you’ll be presented with a screen where you can choose the assets you wish to share. The left hand side of the popup is where you select the assets, such as pages, ad accounts, and pixels. In the center section, you’ll click on the circle next to the available asset you wish to share, and on the left side you can select the level of access you wish to give. An agency working on your behalf will need admin access to the assets. 

Assign Assets Image

You’ll notice in this screen you can select multiple assets to share at one time. When giving access to a pixel, there will be additional questions to answer to acknowledge sharing with a partner. Click “Save Changes” when finished!

You’re all set! You have now given a partner access to your assets!