What is Digital Display Marketing?

Digital Display Marketing is 100% visual-based.  It uses banners, images, and video ads to promote your business.  These ads are shown to people searching the internet for products and services related to your business.  They’re displayed on search engines like Google and Bing.  They can be shown on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  You will see them on your favorite websites, too.

How to use Digital Display Marketing?

65% of all people are visual learners.  Using this knowledge, we go to work for you.  Attention-grabbing banners, images, and videos are created to promote your business.  These creatives are given the right messaging to convert searchers into paying customers.  Search engines and social media platforms are then used to show these to the right people online.  This increases the reach of your business.  Your ads get seen, watched, and clicked.  Your business earns new sales, profits, and growth.

Why Ernst Media?

Because we are among the industry leaders in understanding how to properly utilize digital display marketing.  We have been driving profitable results for our clients for over a decade.  We will put this knowledge and experience to work for your business.