There are many advertising and marketing agencies, and recently, many have become proficient in offering client SEO (Search engine optimization) work locally and nationally. Similarly, digital advertising and marketing becoming more important than ever. Visibility of a businesses website can sometimes be the difference between booming business and having to close the doors. Moreover, to be good at SEO services, there needs to be a strong focus on SEO strategy. Most importantly, here's why your business needs an SEO agency to execute on those high priority SEO items.

Here are three main reason’s why any business in Seattle (or anywhere else) needs to have a focus on SEO.


If a potential customer can't find your website, they will find your competitors'. What’s the lifetime value of your clients or customers? Above all, finding the opportunity cost of losing a sale to a competitor is greater than the cost of the lost sale. Alternatively, the gain can be greater as well.


A strong SEO presence brings legitimacy. Similarly, SEO intersects with website development and design. User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are equally important to SEO. These concepts coexist and be consistent throughout an entire brand. A strong web presence strengthens brand legitimacy. In turn, this provides an ecosystem for strong conversions and conversion rates.


If you aren't paying attention to your website performance, you're missing out on sales. For example, we've discussed why your business needs an SEO agency. First, a good SEO company will go beyond the search rankings to help you understand how people are using your site. Use this information to drive improve your SERP rankings. Subsequently, targeting keywords that are likely to drive relevant traffic to your site is effective. Targeting high-value keywords in your page copy can increase your conversion rate, too. In other words, better copy can lead to more conversions. Correcting technical errors on your website provides the necessary foundation on which an effective SEO strategy can be built.

In conclusion, when choosing a partner for SEO, be sure to verify references. We’re recognized as a top Digital Agency by several industry associations, including Design Rush, Clutch, and UpCity. Be sure to check out these ppc platforms if you're looking for more options.