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A boutique digital marketing agency focused on results


We deliver exceptional results through subject matter expertise, white-glove client support, and an unwavering commitment to our core values: integrity, craftsmanship, and collaboration.
Our People: Everyone who works here is a senior level digital marketing strategist with several years of experience. That means that the same person who you work with on a daily basis, is the same person who adjusts ad placement targeting and bids, and conducts research to explore new channels and opportunities.
Our culture: We value collaboration (it’s one of our 3 core values, in fact), so our always-on communication style internally lends itself to sharing insights, helping each other on client projects, and growing our team’s collective knowledge base.


Proper data measurement is the foundation to a successful campaign.


Our methodical approach to optimization is 100% data-driven.


We trim the lowest performing ad sets/campaigns, and scale the winners.



Our Offices: We’re 100% remote, so our employees can work from the comfort of their own homes and have a healthy work/life balance. Full lifecycle integrated strategy development from Ernst Media can launch a startup business or breath new life into any company. We can augment your in-house team’s capabilities with expert consultation, or we can execute a full digital marketing strategy across any channel, independently.
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Mo Awad

Director of Client Serivices
Miami, FL

Andrea Parrish

Director of Social
Spokane, WA

Nick Ernst

Spokane, WA

Jennifer Phillips

Digital Strategist
Dunkirk, NY

Zachary Stephan

Digital Strategist
West Palm Beach, FL

Melody Heaton

Social Strategist
Spokane, WA

Mike Anderson

Digital Strategist
Boise, ID

Kyndell Pfaff

Digital Strategist
Spokane, WA

Evan Ernst

Spokane, WA

David Becklean

Digital Strategist
Nashville, TN

Camille Troxel

Digital Strategist
Spokane, WA

Chase Plischke

Digital Strategist
Spokane, WA

Holly Bilkie

Digital Strategist
Phoenix, AZ

Jeremy Alfred

SEO Strategist
Douglasville, GA

Chad Gravallese

Digital Strategist
Pleasant Grove, UT

Jack Duchock

Digital Strategist
Orlando, FL

Justin Berg

SEO Specialist
Calabash, NC

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12402 N. Division St. PMB 185 Spokane, WA 99218
Phone: 458.206.6803
Email: [email protected]
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